Made From Toasters

So while I had stuff apart I mentioned that I needed a new PCV valve. I couldn't find a new one locally and didn't want to order one from the stealer so figured I just fix mine. The PCV valve is a one way check valve which uses a little ball to either stop or vent crankcase vapor. Over time it gunks up and plugs. So your crank case then vents into the intake which is bad. On the Insight the PCV valve lives under the engine cover. (1 bolt, 2 nuts, 10mm socket. And its bright pink. Not hard to miss. It lives in this hole

So how do you fix it? Since its just plugged with oily gunk, spray the heck out of it with either brake cleaner or intake cleaner. Whatever is handy. You'll know know its clean when the fluid coming out of it is clear and when you shake it it rattles. Once done, just stick it back in and you are good to go

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