Made From Toasters

So the WJ stopped starting. Booster pack wasn't enough to jump it. Dug into it a bit and this is what I found2016-02-20 12.55.21

As one can see, this battery has seen better days. Most of that mess came from the baking soda I poured over it to clear out the caked up corrosion underneath.

2016-02-20 12.57.29

Negative terminal is borked.

2016-02-20 12.57.23

Positive terminal isn't much better. Going to need to replace the terminals at least. Maybe the whole harness.

2016-02-20 12.56.55

Battery tray is a mess. Some of that is baking soda, some just rust. The hold down is a joke. Rock the battery enough and It'll slide right out. I need to replace it with a proper tie down.

2016-02-20 14.40.56Anyhoo, hooked it up to my charger, voltage across the terminals was 9V. 12+ hours later its back up to 12V. Was worried it was past saving. Granted I do want to replace it with an AGM one, but no rush. Given the damage to the battery terminals, I need replace that part of the harness first.

2016-02-21 12.43.37

Cleaned up and back in. Fastest start up I've ever seen.

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