Made From Toasters

So spent the day tooling around in the Insight. Mostly errands. Noticed a couple of things

Still getting the P0420 error, but its intermittent. Something the ECU will fail the cat, other times it doesn't seem to care. There was a TSB about this where the ECU would be replaced, but I don't feel like forking for a new ECU over a light.

Drives smooth as silk, but my steering wheel is slightly off. Figuring I need an alignment. Going to try a driveway alignment probably tomorrow to see if I can get it ball park.

Feels good to fill up and only pay $30 bucks for almost a whole tank of gas, ~7 gallons

Did get a recal while driving, happened yesterday too. Battery pack seems to run better after each recal, so no biggie.

Maybe I'm biased, or just nuts, but while the Insight is very cool to drive, its also pretty boring. There is very little excitement to the drive. Shift her into first, rev up to around 1-1.2k, clutch and go, no noise, no real feeling of acceleration, no sensation of major movement, just quietly and fairly effortlessly putter up to speed. You could be revving around 5-6k in first and you just here a jet engine like buzz. Theres no drama. Its just mundane. Handles well though, easy to point and shoot.

Other than that, shes running pretty fine

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