Made From Toasters

Been a while since I've updated this thread so......

My 2nd gear syncro is gone. Tried Syncromesh FM, Redline MTL, Honda MTF, and with a few different gear oil/MTF tonics and end result was squat. So double clutching it is.

Replaced most of the cooling hoses, you need a small monkey or child to get to most of em. Honda seemed to have gone nuts with bypass hoses, everything has coolant being pumped into it.

Drove it to LA and back while looking for an apartment. Its freaking sick to drive 900 miles only consume around 12-13 gallons of gas

Took it for its Brake and Lamp inspection today, passed with flying colors thank god. Was worried I was going to fail it for something stupid and have to fork out another $130. Tomorrow DMV and I hope completion.

Cat is still dead, I just keep resetting the light with the Scangauge, I'll fix it one day.

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