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Drove the MR2 to work today

Still need to do a proper inspection and overview but man is this thing cool. Toyota really had it down in the 90s. Even though the car is 23 years old, the front suspension sounds like its about to fall off, plus a bunch of other random noises, but man is it cool.

You can hear the power plant come alive right behind your ears, the turbo spool, the hiss of the re-circulation valve, the gears in the box engaging, its alive. Given how worn out things are, suspension, shifter, clutch, and god knows what else, its still far more lively than the BRZ.

The BRZ is a surgically precise machine. Shifts are more like a switch to toggle different gears. The clutch toggle for power. Steering is direct and immediately responsive. Suspension is firm and communicative. Its a tool. A very effective tool.

The MR2 has a soul. Its an old girl, but one that still has it. Restoring it should be a trip.

On another note, the passenger side T-Top has a minor leak, the front likes to wash out in any kind of puddle and I think the seats have their original leather.

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