Made From Toasters

Didn't have the time to build one. Getting re-certified on a welder plus acquiring the materials and R&D would have taken way too long. So I spent the $$$ and just bought it

WJ Hidden Winch Mount w/ D-Ring Shackle Tabs - 1999 to 2004

This is the same winch mount used in our Hidden Winch Mount application except for one difference; it features our innovative (welded) D-Ring Shackle tabs which reach the WJ's frame rails. This mount can be used with or with-out the bumper fascia. It is also intended for those who are interested in custom making their own bumper.

Solid company, HK Off Road, very good customer service. They texted me as to what kind of factory setup I had and my current bumper configuration, rather than just sending out whatever. Looking forward to getting it

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